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[Alert] Liver-Ruining Toxin Found in Cereal!

Non-alcoholic fatty liver disease is a serious condition that’s on the rise in the US.  

And because it doesn’t produce many symptoms, you could have it and not even know it…until you’re already dying of liver disease. 

Fatty liver disease used to only be a problem in alcoholics – so why the sudden uptick in non-drinkers? 

Researchers have found the answer, and it’s shocking. 

Because the culprit destroying livers all across America is by the Environmental Protection Agency… and it’s in tons of the foods we eat, including your breakfast cereal.  

Here’s how to protect yourself and your loved ones.  

By now, you’ve likely heard about the dangers associated with the weed killer, Roundup.  

While Monsanto (and the government agencies it’s in bed with) continue to assure the public that it is perfectly safe, study after study is showing the exact opposite. 

Glyphosate – the main chemical in the weed killer Roundup – is linked to ADHD, Alzheimer’s, birth defects and fertility problems, cancer, multiple sclerosis, heart disease, hypothyroidism, respiratory illnesses, and the list goes on. 

Animal studies find that it also causes liver and kidney problems, but now a study published in Clinical Gastroenterology and Hepatology has made the connection in humans as well. 

For the study, researchers tested the urine of two groups of patients: one with a type of liver disease, and one with no liver disease. 

Even after considering factors like ethnicity, age, and weight, one thing was crystal clear:  

The people with liver disease had significantly higher levels of glyphosate residue in their urine. 

This led the researchers to conclude that there’s a “very concerning link” between the glyphosate in your food, and the increase in non-alcoholic fatty liver disease. 

I’d say that’s putting it mildly! 

The problem is that the weed killer might only KILL the weeds, but it gets on (and in) the plants as well. The standard party line has been that not enough of it makes it into the food supply to be worried about. 

But that’s a big fat lie. 

A recent study shows glyphosate in dozens of oat-based foods, including plenty that could be in your pantry right now… like Cheerios, Nature Valley granola bars, Cheez-Its, Oreos, goldfish, and Ritz crackers, and dozens of other staples. 

The bottom line is that NO amount of this poison is safe.  

And the best way to avoid glyphosate – and all the health issues associated with it – is to buy organic.