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[Alert] Drug Tainted With ROCKET FUEL?

Big Pharma just keeps coming up with new ways to kill us.

They’re putting out drugs that can stop your heart… cause a deadly internal bleed… and even wreck your brain.

But this new scandal just may take the cake.

One of the most widely prescribed meds in America has been contaminated with a cancer-causing chemical that is used to make rocket fuel!

Yes. Rocket fuel.

This drug is a danger to you and everyone you know – and you need to act FAST to keep yourself safe.

You may have heard of valsartan before.

It’s a blood pressure drug that is prescribed more than 16 million times a year.

It also has been found to contain a nasty chemical known as NDMA.

NDMA is a cancer-causing toxin that is used to make everything from rocket fuel to industrial lubricant.

Not the kind of stuff you want to put in your body, right?

Not only does it cause cancer, but NDMA also damages your liver and kidneys.

So how the heck did it end up in valsartan?

You see, valsartan is one of many medications that are prescribed in the United States but are actually produced overseas.

This means regulation is minor, at best.

Apparently, NDMA slipped into valsartan due to a “change” in the manufacturing process at the Chinese facility where it’s made.

Are you kidding me?

Were they making missiles one second… and your blood pressure medication the next?

Valsartan was recalled at the beginning of July by the European Medicines Agency and, soon after, by Japan, Taiwan, and Canada.

The FDA didn’t get involved until three weeks later (surprise, surprise… our government drags its feet again).

The recall includes five different generic valsartan products made by Major Pharmaceuticals, Solco Healthcare, and Teva.

But valsartan is probably not the only drug that was contaminated.

Drug makers get lots of their products from Chinese suppliers – and there have been plenty of problems over the years.

Sadly, it is incredibly difficult to know where your drugs are being made.

Unlike most consumer products, there are no “Made in…” stickers on drug labels.

As a first step, talk to your doctor right away if you’re taking valsartan.

And always be wary of accepting any new prescription.

You may never know where the drug was made… or what nasty contaminants may be hiding inside it.

Fighting For Your Health,

Susan White
Executive Director, Alliance For Advanced Health