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[Warning] Contaminated Chemo Drugs Being Sold

Chemotherapy is already one of the most toxic cancer treatments you can get.

It practically brings you to the brink of death… all in the name of fighting your cancer.

But it looks like chemo may be a lot riskier than we ever realized.

There’s growing evidence that the Food and Drug Administration may have let faulty chemotherapy drugs onto the market.

You and the people you love could be at risk.

And you won’t BELIEVE why this is happening.

It’s been a few months since we learned that chemotherapy drugs linked to Fresenius, a major healthcare provider out of Europe, may have had serious problems.

And the FDA still hasn’t done a darned thing about it. 

When workers at Fresenius’ plant in West Bengal, India, reported 248 failed quality tests among recently manufactured chemo ingredients, guess what Fresenius did?

Execs immediately threw out the findings and blamed machine and human errors.

That should have raised serious concerns with the FDA… especially given Fresenius’ history of drug recalls.

But the FDA barely gave the company a slap on the wrist.

Instead, the FDA just asked Fresenius to take a closer look at the problem… and maybe hire a consultant to help.

Seriously. That was it.

The names of the contaminated ingredients were even redacted from public record!

For God’s sake, these are CANCER drugs we’re talking about! People’s LIVES are at stake!

So why such a ridiculously light response?

Well, this is where things start to get REALLY fishy.

The Financial Times recently reported that hospitals around the U.S. are warning of a chemotherapy shortage, as manufacturers struggle to meet demand.

One of the chemo drugs in short supply is etoposide, manufactured by Fresenius.

Is the FDA turning a blind eye toward manufacturing problems, because of the chemo shortage?

Don’t expect America’s bungling health agency to ever admit it… but we should all be concerned.

In the meantime, if you or someone you love is undergoing etoposide chemotherapy (ask if you’re not sure), talk to your doctor about alternatives.

It could be the smartest decision you make.

Fighting For Your Health,

Susan White
Executive Director, Alliance For Advanced Health