[Alert] Cancer Toxin Found in Blood Pressure Drugs

Big Pharma’s drugs are dangerous enough due to what is supposed to be in them. 

But what about what’s NOT supposed to be there?  

Well, that can transform them from dangerous to outright deadly. 

You see, a popular blood pressure drug – taken by countless seniors – has high levels of a chemical that’s not only NOT supposed to be there…  

And this particular toxin is believed to cause cancer. 

Yet the FDA hasn’t done a single thing about it. 

An online pharmacy called Valisure has discovered that a popular blood pressure drug has high levels of a chemical called dimethylformamide (DMF). 

The blood pressure drug is called valsartan (brand name Diovan), and it’s produced by Novartis. 

The World Health Organization has classified DMF as a probable human carcinogen. 

Even the Centers for Disease Control (CDC) has warned that there’s a potential link between DMF and prostate cancer, testicular cancer, and cancers of the mouth and throat.  

It’s also been linked to liver damage, birth defects, weakness, dizziness, and more. 

So what’s it doing in your blood pressure meds? 

That’s a great question… because it’s not supposed to be there, and Novartis has said that the company’s manufacturing doesn’t even use the chemical. 

Yet there was so much of this dangerous chemical found in the meds that the pharmacy alerted the FDA and is insisting that the drug be immediately recalled. 

The FDA said they’d look into it… but don’t hold your breath. They’ve already issued a statement telling people that they should keep taking the drug even if it’s recalled. 


Don’t wait for the FDA to do their jobs. If you’re on this blood pressure drug, tell your doctor you want get a prescription for a different one. 

Better yet, talk to him about steps you can take so that you can stop taking blood pressure drugs altogether. 

High blood pressure is 100% reversible – and you don’t have to take a single drug to do it.