[Alert] Blood Pressure Med Causing Strokes

Dear Reader,

They should change the FDA logo to a picture of a big rubber stamp.

Because this incompetent agency is approving new drugs faster than ever.

I’m talking about drugs that have barely been tested… that have NEVER been proven safe… and that could end up killing you.

Case in point – a medication that’s supposed to help control your blood pressure could cause a massive stroke instead.

If you’re taking this pill, trust me, you’ve never been warned.

And when you hear how this dangerous drug got to market, you’re going to be furious.

Northera is a drug for people who experience a sudden drop in blood pressure when standing up.

And it’s good at raising your blood pressure, all right… maybe a little too good.

Research has shown that Northera can lead to  deadly cases of high blood pressure that can trigger strokes or heart attacks.

Think of it like a pipe bursting from too much pressure…

Now, of course, the FDA and Big Pharma are shocked… just SHOCKED… to learn about the problems with Northera.

They’re claiming none of these issues appeared during Northera’s clinical trials or the FDA’s review of the drug.


Northera wasn’t studied long enough to understand the risks, and the FDA approved it in 2015 after just six months of review!

The process is supposed to take two or three YEARS!

Listen, I understand that there’s an argument to be made for speeding up reviews on life-saving drugs.

But Northera is NOT curing cancer – it’s for people who get lightheaded when they stand!

The fast-tracking of drugs… before we know the long-term effects… has gotten completely out of hand.

Harvard Medical School recently determined that the FDA routinely allows “weaker-than-usual” evidence for meds that they intend to fast-track.

Lots of times we’re promised that the drug makers will do follow-up studies after their product has been on the market for a few years – but in half of cases, that NEVER happens.

And the FDA lets them get away with it.

So, how do you know if you’re being prescribed a fast-tracked drug?

First of all, check the FDA’s ever-growing list. You can find info up through June 30, 2017 here.

And if you or a loved one has been given Northera, contact your doctor immediately to discuss alternative options.

Fighting For Your Health,

Susan White
Executive Director, Alliance For Advanced Health

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