prostate cancer

[Alert] Avoid This Prostate Cancer SCAM

Guys, we all know how tough you are.

So when you learn you have prostate cancer, of course you want to tackle it with everything you have.

It may even seem like a good idea when your doctor suggests high-dose radiation. Let’s burn that darned tumor out of you for good, right?

Big mistake.

New research is proving that high-dose radiation is a dangerous scam.

One that could ruin your health without adding a day to your life.

Researchers from the Washington University of Medicine have just proven that high-dose radiation provides ABSOLUTELY NO BENEFIT over standard radiation.

And it comes with MANY more risks.

For 10 years, the team analyzed 104 radiation therapy groups involving more than 1,500 prostate cancer patients across the country.

Men who got high-dose radiation didn’t live any longer.

But they did experience far more dramatic and frequent side effects.

These ranged from the usual hair loss, fatigue, and skin irritation to urinary issues and rectal bleeding – even years after treatment ended.

All that pain and suffering for nothing!

And the worst part? Many prostate patients are better off leaving the cancer untreated.

That’s because prostate cancer often grows very slowly.

You may be better served by an “active surveillance” program where you and your doctor monitor your tumor, and only treat it when (and if) it becomes necessary.

If you’ve been diagnosed with prostate cancer, have a conversation with your doctor about active surveillance.

And whatever you do, skip the high-dose radiation.

There’s no proof that it does ANYTHING but ruin your health.