Alcohol Industry Caught HIDING Cancer Risks

The public relations folks in the booze industry sure deserve a raise.

Because they’ve spent years putting out bogus studies on how alcohol is actually good for you.

They’ve practically marketed it as a health drink!

But did you know that alcohol can cause breast cancer?

Of course not.

Because the entire industry has been suppressing this information for years.

That’s right. And the FDA has been letting it happen.

But the cat is finally out of the bag thanks to new analysis from an international research team.

And they’ve exposed a massive cover-up that you need to know about.

A team of researchers from London and Sweden have found a shocking link between alcohol use and breast cancer.

What’s more? They realized that this isn’t news to the alcohol industry which has been systematically hiding this info from us for years.

By examining 26 websites of major alcohol companies between September 2016 and December 2016, it was revealed that 24 of those 26 were sharing data that had been badly distorted.

Whether by omission, misrepresentation, or flat out falsehoods, nearly all of the websites examined were lying to their consumers about the cancer risk related to alcohol use.

Some websites claimed that the research was “highly complex” and couldn’t be explained, or that there was a lack of consistent research. Others denied any risk of cancer, at all!

And these lies were primarily about breast cancer.

But real science has proven time and again that drinking too much alcohol is a well-known risk factor for a range of cancers including oral, liver, colorectal, and breast cancer.

As alcohol is broken down in your body, it is converted into a carcinogen called acetaldehyde that can destroy DNA at the cellular level.

Additionally, alcohol suppresses antioxidant defenses and other mechanisms of cellular repair.

This means that it does irreparable damage, even stopping your body from repairing itself.

Ultimately, alcohol opens the door for inflammation and free radical production that can lead to cancer and a range of other ailments such as liver failure, stroke, neurodegenerative disease, and much more.

The minimizing and even outright omission of this information by the alcohol industry is beyond irresponsible and careless – it’s downright criminal.

We’ve seen it before with the tobacco industry.

It’s time the alcohol industry tells us the truth!

You can contact your local policy makers and demand they address how these companies relay information to the public.

Limiting alcohol consumption is a good first step toward safeguarding your health.

But if you want additional protection, you can take key vitamins and supplements to combat adverse effects from alcohol consumption.

Folic acid and niacin can reduce cancer risks from alcohol.

And milk thistle helps restore liver health.

All of these can be purchased at your local health food or grocery store.

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