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70-Year-Old Therapy CURES Ulcers

Leave it to mainstream medicine to keep you in the dark about one of the most promising treatments for ulcers ever discovered… all because it can’t be patented.

That’s right—there’s no “real” money to be made.

That’s why you’ve never heard of “vitamin U,” the nutrient that heals ulcers SIX TIMES FASTER than conventional treatments.

Even more shocking? It was discovered nearly 70 YEARS AGO.

Fortunately, you can still get your hands on it today.

Back in 1950, a doctor conducted a small experiment that had BIG results.

He gave 13 patients with either intestinal or stomach ulcers a quart of fresh cabbage juice every day.

  • For those with intestinal ulcers, their ulcers healed in an average of 10 days (vs. 37 days for standard therapy).
  • For those with stomach ulcers, their ulcers healed in an average of just SEVEN days (vs. 42 days on standard therapy).

Even better? Larger follow-up studies also found that cabbage juice can heal ulcers faster.

Since then, recent studies show that key nutrients in cabbage attack ulcers from FOUR different angles:

  1. By stimulating the production of protective mucous.

Cabbage has a form of the amino acid methionine called MMS. This is actually the “vitamin U” that was discovered 70 years ago.

MMS stimulates the production of mucous, helps prevent tissue damaging oxidative stress, and has been shown to help heal the stomach after exposure to NSAIDs.

  1. It helps reduce stomach acid.

Another amino acid, glutamine, is a natural antacid that is as strong as Big Pharma’s acid-reducing drugs.

  1. A compound called allantoin helps sooth the stomach.
  2. It contains glucosinolates, which suppress pylori bacterium.

This is a major reason for these benefits, since H. pylori is responsible for as many as 90% of all ulcers.

There are two ways to take advantage of cabbage’s ulcer-healing benefits. You can drink the juice from raw (preferably organic) cabbage throughout the day. Or you can simply take cabbage in supplement form.

Either way, it’s worth talking to your doctor about this exciting natural cure.