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Exposed! 70-Year-Old Migraine Cure Cover-Up

For years, the mainstream has told you there’s NO cure for migraines.

You’ve been told that you have to take Big Pharma’s dangerous drugs and cross your fingers that they make the pain go away.

You’ve been told it’s up to YOU to avoid the triggers for your headaches.

But you’ve been LIED to.

There IS a cure for migraines.

And the mainstream has been covering it up for over 70 years.

Back in 1946, a study published in the Canadian Medical Association Journal showed that giving vitamin B2 to migraine patients eliminated migraines in the majority of the patients.

 Not reduced… but ELIMINATED!

That’s a major finding, especially considering the USELESS treatments coming from the pharmaceutical industry.

You can probably guess why you’ve never heard about this simple, inexpensive solution for migraines. But Big Pharma won’t be able to brush this natural cure under the rug for much longer.

Because new research shows that this long-forgotten study was NOT a fluke.

In a study presented at the American Headache Society Annual Meeting, researchers presented the results of a study that seem almost too good to be true.

Researchers gave vitamin B2—also known as riboflavin—to 42 people suffering from migraines who also happened to be deficient in riboflavin.

ALL of the participants experienced at least a 50% reduction in the frequency and severity of their headaches.

On average, the riboflavin treatment reduced the number of migraines per month from 14.4 down to just 3.4!

Just imagine what a difference that would make in your quality of life!

But here’s the really big news:

At the two-year mark, 81% of the patients were completely migraine-free!

Add this to previous research showing that 59% of people taking riboflavin for three months experienced 50% fewer days with headaches—plus more studies showing its impact on frequency and severity—and it’s clear:

If you suffer from migraines, you should be ordering riboflavin RIGHT NOW.

Most of the clinical trials used 200-400mg. And you pick up a supplement at your local pharmacy.