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[Alert] This Breast Cancer Mistake Could Kill You

Dear Reader,

When Margaret was diagnosed with breast cancer, she didn’t waste any time.

Her doctor told her it was OK to start chemo right away… even before her surgery.

It was a terrible mistake – one that killed her within a year.

And Margaret isn’t alone. A team of scientists has discovered that getting chemo before surgery sends your risk of dying through the roof.

Thousands of women are still being put in harm’s way – and almost none of them are being warned.

For nearly 30 years, pre-op chemo has been something of a standard practice when treating breast cancer.

Doctors figured that chemo would shrink tumors before surgery, so women could get a simple lumpectomy rather than a more invasive mastectomy.

Nice in theory… but in practice, it could end up killing you.

A new study published in Science Translational Medicine shows that pre-op chemo can actually spread cancer cells throughout your body.

That’s right… it’s a cancer treatment that gives you MORE cancer!

Chemotherapy can make malignant cells harder to target and kill – and also increases the chance that they’ll metastasize throughout your body.

And once the cancer starts spreading, your chances of surviving plummet FAST.

Now, this all gets a little scientific… But researchers from the Albert Einstein College of Medicine found that chemotherapy basically opens up the “on ramps” for cancer cells to move throughout your body.

Chemo basically forces cancer to hitch a ride on the immune cells circulating throughout your blood stream.

In a study on mice, researchers found that those who got chemo had TWICE as many cancer cells in their blood and lungs.

And when they looked at women who got pre-op chemo, they found that the risk of their cancer spreading increased as much as 5 TIMES!

There wasn’t a single case… not one… where the chemo made the cancer less likely to metastasize.

Believe me, this is an absolute tragedy waiting to happen.

The mainstream is so obsessed with mammograms and early detection, that they’re regularly treating harmless tumors with very little chance of spreading.

But once they introduce chemo, it’s like these cancer cells get super powers!

These mainstream treatments are literally KILLING women who never would have died from their breast cancer in the first place.

I don’t know about you… but that’s not a risk I’m willing to take.

Before you agree to any breast cancer treatment, take a deep breath and look at your options. Get a second or even third opinion on how much risk you’re REALLY facing (sometimes it’s very minimal).

And, by all means, let your doctor know that pre-op chemo is off the table.

Fighting For Your Health,

Susan White
Executive Director, Alliance For Advanced Health