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BREAKING: Over 50% of New Drugs Are USELESS!

Nowadays there seems to be a drug for EVERYTHING.

Your mainstream doc is always quick to give you a script for some kind of “cure in a bottle.”

But of the new drugs to hit the shelves…

OVER HALF of them are USELESS.

And chances are you’re taking some of them right now!

The Institute for Quality and Efficiency in Health Care studied 216 new drugs that were given the OK to be sent to your local pharmacy and doled out by your doc.

But what they found out about these drugs was shocking

Results showed that a whopping 58% provided NO BENEFIT.

What does this mean? Nearly all of the drugs Big Pharma says will “help you” are WASTING YOUR TIME AND MONEY.

And the worst part? You’re STILL SICK.

So why are these empty-promise drugs given the OK?

The big culprit: Accelerated drug approval process.

In short, Big Pharma is RUSHING to get drugs out the door — so the research on these “new medicines” is often A. Not good and B. Incomplete.

And once they’re slapped with a stamp of approval, these drugs are rarely studied ever again. Any information that could be learned before you pop one of these new pills comes to a screeching halt.

If all of this doesn’t make you as angry as it has made me, this last bit of discovery should:

Even when mainstream medicine realizes the drugs are failing to live up to their promise, NOTHING is done.

Once again Big Pharma is ONLY THINKING of filling its OWN pockets and not YOUR wellbeing.

And what’s being done about all of this? Well… nothing.

Fortunately, there are ways to protect yourself.

First you can start by asking questions.

When your doctor gives you a new drug to take — ask about it. Is it new? How long has it been in use? What are the effects?

Second, do your own research. Look the drug up online to find out more facts. Has it helped others?

Search for it on and check out

Finally, seek out natural, holistic remedies to your pains.

Mother nature has blessed us with COUNTLESS remedies and natural treatments that ACTUALLY HEAL our bodies. And they do so in a way that is safer for your overall health.