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14K Solution STOPS Prostate Cancer

I don’t know about you… but I’m SICK of hearing about all of the “progress” we’ve made against prostate cancer.

What is this “progress” anyway?

“Active surveillance,” painful surgeries, toxic treatments, and a lifetime supply of pills hardly sound like progress to me.

Men, you deserve a BETTER way to beat prostate cancer… and researchers think they’ve found it.

A new study has revealed a remarkable, 14K solution that STOPS prostate cancer.

And all without harming healthy cells!

Gold is probably the last substance you’d consider as a dietary supplement.

But, as it turns out, gold has been used in medicine since 2,500 B.C. – that’s two thousand and five hundred years before the Three Wise Men gifted gold to baby Jesus.

It’s been used to alleviate depressive symptoms and migraines, improve concentration, and even fight alcoholism.

And now research, published in the Proceedings of the National Academy of Sciences, has found that the isotope gold-198 helps fight prostate cancer by making tumors more sensitive to other therapies – all while minimizing damage to healthy cells and tissue.

You see, ingesting gold in its elemental form has no effect, as it just passes through your digestive tract.

But the compound gold-198 works as a powerful anti-inflammatory.

For this study, however, researchers mixed the gold-198 nanoparticles into green tea.

The mixture was then applied to prostate cancer cells where it was readily absorbed, thanks to the properties of the green tea.

Once inside the tumor, the compound got to work attacking the cancer cells.

Gold-198 works because it’s radioactive and helps deliver the benefits of traditional chemo and radiation drugs straight into cancerous cells – again, without doing any damage to healthy cells and tissue.

According to the researchers, this technique “may provide significant advances in oncology for use as an effective treatment for prostate and other tumors.”

Unfortunately, this cancer-fighting isotope is not readily available.

However, gold-198 is used in some arthritis drugs already so be sure that you are talking to your doctor in case it comes to market as a cancer treatment soon.